Garbage barge stuck in the Columbia

Right now in Long View Washington there is a barge filled with garbage just sitting, waiting. The barge is waiting unload its garbage at the Roosevelt landfill in central Washington.  The garbage was sent from Honolulu but after recent disagreements between Washington environmentalists and Honolulu waste system the barge is now stuck.  This is a tragedy because runoff from the garbage is further polluting the Columbia River. And it’s not even our garbage! I think this is ridiculous and needs to be addressed soon. We should have garbage just sitting on the river polluting for any reason.

-Jeff G


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    Nevin Lewis said,

    Wow! I had no idea that hawaii was exporting thier garbage to the Pacific Northwest! It seems like the bigger concern to transporting garbage would be that hawaii is actually transfering thier garbage to the mainland and not the worry about polluting on the way, although that is a serious problem. However, if they weren’t exporting thier garbage in the first place polluting the Columbia River and other Pacific Northwest water ways would not be a problem.

  2. 2

    ironthighs said,

    I guess I never thought about what happens to Hawaii’s garbage. Or really the garbage of the main land. It seems kind of ridiculous that we take all of our garbage and just pile it all together and then let it sit there. A lot of things that seemed normal to me just seem ridiculous now that I’m in this class and become aware of it.
    -Adam Iron Thighs McCoy

  3. 3

    technine17 said,

    I agree with Nevin, i never knew that hawaii was exporting their trash to the Pacific NW. Thats terrible, we are getting punished by other peoples trash. I wakeboard in that river all the time i dont want to be swimming in garbage…:( There needs to be a better way of getting rid of their garbage.


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