Mountain Pine Beetle

In British Columbia they are experiencing an ecosystem collapse. In the last ten years they have lost about thirty-million acres of Western Pine. This is all due to the Mountain Pine Beetle. The Mountain Pine Beetle( which is only the size of a grain of sand) normally dies off in the harsh winters, but due to an almost one degree temperature rise they have been able to survive the winters. Its estimated that by 2019 the forests will be three quarters of the way gone. This is one of the largest infestations in North American history.

What can be done about this? The infestation is already to big to use pesticides. Is it already too late?
Could logging off the already dead trees to try and limit growth help slow down reproduction of the beetle. Unfortunately we will never know because they won’t log in that area. Its pretty sad that they are not doing anything about this.


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    mzaharchuk said,

    I agree it is pretty sad, but maybe there isn’t any thing they can do. This is just another example of how incredibly complex the ecosystem is, and this forest could just be an inevitable casualty of global warming.

  2. 2

    technine17 said,

    Thats frightening that such a small bug has such a large impact. maybe we could like you said use dead trees and try to slow the process of their eating habits. Try replanting the forest at the growth they are eating it?


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