Carbon Rocks.

I read an article that wrote about a possible solution for the planets high level of carbon emissions.  It stated that researchers are now considering pumping the carbon into rocks under the sea.  The idea is that power plants will be set up to a ‘carbon sink’ which will lead to the underwater rocks.  It was written that this is “the ultimate repository”.  This idea of putting carbon into underwater rocks makes me a little uneasy, because it does not seem like the consequences of this action have been thought out thoroughly.  For example, what might this do to the marine life that lives around these rocks?  Could this carbon someday escape the rocks and create an even bigger problem than our current carbon problem?  You can find this article here.

-Erica Nickerson


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    aaronsun said,

    Wow nice find! I agree with your uncertainty about CCS, but as well I see how CCS could be effective. With our limited knowledge on CCS I feel like more research needs to happen along with smaller sized experiments before we start pumping those gases away. Keep up the good work!

    -Aaron Sundstrom

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