Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water

Who’s the winner in this debate?  All of my life I have always preferred tap water compared to bottled water because to me bottled water always taste weird.  However, most of my friends prefer bottled water to tap. Now needless to say they are on city water when I have a well and the difference in taste is very noticable. For example the other day while I was in Portland I needed to refill my water bottle so i went over to the tap to do it and once my water bottle was full i took a drink, and it was some of the most gross water i had ever had the pleasure of drinking.

So what I’m trying to get at is, if people buy a case of watter bottles lets say like every two weeks or so think of all that money and plastic bottles that are ending up in the trash. Instead of buying a case of water bottles why not just buy a water cooler for your home? That way you dont have to keep throwing away the water bottles just get a reusable one, and if there is another e coli scare or the power goes out or some other reason the tap water is not safe to drink you will have a supply of good drinking water handy. Now that’s what I call thinking ahead without really any planning. Also you have to get water less regularly because there is much more water in a water cooler than in a case of water bottles.

-Melissa L.


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    ericanickerson said,

    I grew up in California near LA and the tap water is HORRIBLE there; I tried it one time and I will never do it again. So my main source of water came from water bottles that were always stocked in my house. However, here in Portland I always get my water straight from the faucet and I think it tastes amazing. A water cooler is a great idea, and it has become noticeably popular for people to take their reusable metal bottles with them almost everywhere. Another great idea is to purchase a water distiller. They are a bit pricey but it is totally worth it because it gets out all of the chemicals that come from faucet water.
    -Erica Nickerson

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      technine17 said,

      I agree i think we should drink tap water, All the bottles will end up in trashes or on the ground and plastic is not biodegradable. I too live in portland and agree the water can taste bad sometimes, but i went to the store and purchased a Brita refillable water filter and its works great! try it out..

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