Could a world like Pandora from “Avatar” have existed on Earth?

This is something I have to get off my chest since I have seen the movie Avatar.  Before anyone laughs at me; because yes, I have to say the movie moved the hell out of me; I would like to explain what I truly got out of it.  Despite James Cameron’s gimmicky techniques to draw his audience in with incredible CG effects, and the outcome of his many years of work on the special 3D camera, I took with me a strong message that can’t seem to be stated enough.  It is a pretty obvious theme throughout the movie that there is a lot to learn from nature around us if we just listen or tune in.  It reminded me of a lot of issues that have been discussed in our class last term, such as Jensen talking about getting rid of our technological world and living off our land again in a more primal form.  Well, I thought before that it would be impossible now to do what he suggests, and I still think that way due to the probable up-rise of overwhelming majority of people to keep the comfortable lifestyle they have achieved, or grown up with.  But the movie made me think; what if Cameron’s idea is to show us the future of mankind if we had chose to evolve with our world instead of separately from it?

I got choked up when I first saw the imagined world of Pandora and then continued to do so when it uncovered more glorious scenes of that world, such as the floating mountains.  Okay, so I’m a sucker for fantasy and pretty neon colors.  But what immediately came to mind with the concepts of the imagined world was that it was just fantasy and no world is that symbiotic.  And then it came to mind that we can think of this imagined world to be a lot older than Earth.  Maybe because the humanoid inhabitants decided to evolve with their world around them instead of separately, like we have chosen with man-made technology, that they and the nature around them evolved to the point of a seamless system.  Too far fetched?  I don’t know but I do wonder now hypothetically; if we as Earth’s inhabitants have continued to live like hunters and gatherers, could we and nature around us have evolved differently then we are now?  Maybe more fit and in right response to our fight or flight instincts, which cause so much anxiety in people today?  Could organic technology have evolved from our need for knowledge like it did on Pandora?  I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this because I know that when I was watching the movie, a sense of nostalgia came over me as if I realized all of a sudden that I didn’t quite fit into my surroundings.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Anne-Marie Aguilar


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    gietz said,

    A lot of what you are saying are questions that many people have had since watching Avatar. It has sparked many people’s interests with many of its hidden environmental and sustainable themes. As time progresses I am excited to hear the thoughts of the writer of this movie and see what kind of message he really tried to portray in the film.

    Who posted this by the way? 🙂

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    konaka237 said,

    Hey, thanks for the heads up! I forgot that my name isn’t automatically attached to my blogs.

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    Matt said,

    Avatars release at the box office is at a critical time in which people need to begin turning their attention towards the environment. Whether or not Avatar’s theme of environmental conservation is intentionally directed at the general public, the movie does hold many valuable teachings. It is very exciting when commercial media such as movies take interest in larger issues about the world. It creates awareness through entertainment and pop culture.

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    katiep91 said,

    Those are some great questions! Technology really has changed the world forever, sometimes for the worst. The progression of Jake’s character in the movie was interesting. It showed how important awareness of our natural world is. Because humans had such a lack of understanding, it ultimately led to destruction. I share your awe of this movie and its message.

    Katie P.

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