Solar Powered Irrigation

While browsing today, i read an article about an experiment with solar powered irrigation.  The experiment was in sub-Saharen Africa, done by Stanford University.  The irrigation systems made a positive impact on the households incomse and nutritional intakes.  The two year long study found that the irrigation systems were  a cost effective way of delivering water year round, especially  in drought seasons.  By having the irrigation systems the villagers were able to water their crops without having to go and get buckets and carry them, saving large amounts of time.  This new irrigation system will help third world countries with large amounts of desert become more successful in growing food.

Esteban P.


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    samgressett said,

    This sounds like promising technology. It seems like this would be really beneficial for third world countries. However solar power technology is pretty expensive, I don’t think it is reasonable to expect these third world countries to be able to afford this technology. Also another aspect to look at is once the water system is in place a country would need to pay for some type of security. Often times in third world countries their are very corrupt and powerful gangs that have lots of control over parts of these countries. What is stopping these gangs from stealing this expensive equipment. I feel this is a really good idea, but I just don’t see this ever happening.
    Sam G.

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