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    dangkid said,

    That sounds like a really great idea, but I’m not sure I would like eating my dishes and/or utensils.

    D Dang

  2. 2

    Adam McCoy said,

    This does seem like a good alternative to styrofoam plates and plastic utensils but I can’t help but remember that week at Victors when they replaced all of the metal flatware with utensils made out of corn. Biodegradable, yes, but they melted in the soup.

  3. 3

    melissa9 said,

    This reminds me of when you go out to eat and when you order soup you can sometimes get it in a bread bowl which you can later eat after you have eaten all the soup. This is a great way to finish off a whole meal, but I could see the problem of the utensils melting in soup or not being strong enough to hold and/or cut the food. But still a great idea

  4. 4

    technine17 said,

    like said above thats a really cool idea but i dont know if i would want to eat my plates.. but i guess atleast maybe other animals or pets could eat them..? just a thought

  5. 5

    ericanickerson said,

    Yeah it says in that article that the dishes can be fed to animals.
    -Erica N

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