Atmospheric CO2 the same as it was in 1850

A new study involving reanalyzing data from 1850 to present concludes that the atmospheric CO2 levels has not risen. Whether the information is believable or not, it is mind boggling to take the information in. The study was done at the University of Bristol. Although the atmospheric levels have been steady, it appears the oceans and terrestrial systems have increased on how much intake they do. It also appears that they could be soon at their limit. A small rise in the CO2 today would lead to that theory.
The article can be found here.

David D


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    cody7010 said,

    This is a very interesting theory considering the rise in Co2 in the air has made a lot of hype amongst the people today. If this turns out to be true that would be some good news, but it is very questionable to me.

    ~Cody Males

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