personalized solar energy

Solar power and wind turbines are being used today in place of fossil fuels, but it is a challenge for the average household to switch to a more sustainable method of utilizing energy. According to this article, the global energy need will double by mid-century and triple by 2100 so this will create a huge demand for a more personal, affordable method of alternative energy. People are already working on inventing a solar panel that will be affordable and efficient for households to use.

Matt Z


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    ironthighs said,

    I, personally, love the idea of personal solar panals, and now with the advancement in panals that can gain energy on a cloudy day, they seem more practical then ever. If all households were to switch to that, imagine how much money, and non renewable resources saved.
    -Adam McCoy

  2. 2

    aaronsun said,

    I love your article and I am pro-solar panels, but the question is do we have enough resources to accomplish this goal?

  3. 3

    jeffg187 said,

    Solar energy is a promising new technology that we need to further develop. However wind turbines is just as important. The problem with wind turbines is they kill birds, they spin so fast that birds can not see them and fly right into them. This is devastating the bird population in areas with wind turbines. this some what stigmatizes a promising technology. I am sure developers are working on a solution. All new technologies have problems in the beginning.

    -Jeff G

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