Coca-Cola’s New Look

The classic Coke can is getting a new look.  The original can was painted red and white, but now Coca-cola is thinking of making the can unpainted.  By not painting the can Coca-cola saves energy and paint.  This will also eliminate the paint removing step in the recycling process.  This change will cut back on air pollution, water pollution, paint, and it will save energy.

-Aaron Sundstrom


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    M.J. Harris said,

    Thanks for the link. I for one think this is a great idea, Saves money, energy, reduces waste, and increasing recyclability. When you think about it when was the last time you bought a can off the shelf that wasn’t already inside a vending machine or in a box. The can really doesn’t matter

  2. 2

    ericanickerson said,

    Seriously? That would be so cool! So many people buy coca-cola that I can definitely imagine it making a large impact on the environment. Maybe since coke is a leading product in the soda industry, the other soda companies will be motivated to make the same change! I really hope they do this and stick to it.
    -Erica Nickerson

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