LED is the future

Every day Americans get closer and closer to becoming more sustainable. However Americans aren’t willing to give up things to be more sustainable. When we go to the grocery store if there is a “green” alternative to what we normally buy, we will most likely purchase it. We won’t give up things like our cars, plastic bags, Christmas trees, or even Christmas lights. Every year millions of households throughout the United States put up Christmas lights. These Christmas light cause electricity usage to surge. This surge allow for our coal power plants (where the majority of our power comes from) to increase production, and therefore increase pollution on our environment. This doesn’t have to happen there is great technology out there that allows for us to be more Eco-friendly these holidays, and benefit us. LED is a somewhat newer technology that uses 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights also last longer, are safer, more durable, and come in all different colors. They are even sometimes cheaper than regular lights. Yet every year I see people putting up traditional incandescent lights. If only people knew that the benefits of LED lights outweigh the benefits of the old incandescent lights. I am curious to see how many people use LED versus Incandescent light so I will put up a poll shortly, I encourage people to take it so we can see how widely used LED lights are. (To see if u are currently using LED lights check out the link i posted it shows what LED lights look like)

Happy holidays,

Sam G.


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    jeffg187 said,

    This is a very interesting article however, I use LED lights on my house and they have been nothing but trouble. Though they are more efficient, they are not as durable. every year at leas two to three strings of lights burn out. I don’t know why they do but I have never had this problem with traditional Christmas lights. This makes me skeptical and hesitant to buy LED lights. It could just be the brand I have but do you have any suggestions on how to make them last longer?

    Jeff G.

  2. 2

    samgressett said,

    The technology is pretty new so it doesn’t surprise me that you have had some problems. However i did find an article talking about how big box stores rushed LED lights to production for the last holiday season. They also elected to make them as cheap as possible, causing many of these problems to persist. This holiday season looks very promising for LED technology due to the time they have had to fix these problems. I believe LED in the long run will have fewer problems than the older type lights. With LED light you don’t have to replace the bulbs like you did with the older christmas lights when the bulbs went out. I posted a link below that has some helpful tips to finding quality LED lights.

    Sam G.

  3. 3

    mitchgaulke said,

    These LED lights look like the future model for Christmas tree lights. There seems to be no down side into buying them. The only problem will be to get consumers to spend money on new lights to replace their old ones when we are in a recession. This could be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

    Mitch Gaulke

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