From Christmas Tree to Biofuel

        On Friday in downtown Portland, exactly at 5:30 pm, a huge Christmas tree has been lighted. The Pioneer Square was crowded with many people who came to watch this amazing event, of course I was there!! However, a question has come to my mind that I could not wait to get home and look it up on internet. I was wondering where the old tree went and what are they going to do with the new one after the charismas time is over.

 So I looked it up and I found some interesting information.  Approximately 200 million Christmas trees are bought each year worldwide. That is a lot, yet the good news is that they have found a way to reuse them instead of throwing   them on roadside. Christmas trees can be recycled to make ethanol that can be used in cars. Actually according to the DSM Company, “if all the Christmas Trees in the US were recycled to make ethanol, 1,200,000,000 kilometers could be driven – that’s the equivalent of driving around the world 29,943 times.” The DSM website has also included other interesting facts about the number of Christmas trees that has been sold in many countries around the word and the amount of fuel that can be produced from them. Go ahead and check it out.

Needa L


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    logantaylor said,

    This is such a great idea. My family usually collects peoples leaves for compost in our gardens. Along with a lot of our other waste products, such as plant debris and animal poo. I think that people can take a lot of things from traditional methods of farming and abstract thinking on potential energy.

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