Chena Hot Springs and Geothermal Energy

In Alaska there is a man named Bernie Carl. He is the pioneer of geothermal energy. He came up with the idea of geothermal energy while trying to power his hotel. His hotel is not like your average hotel, because it is made entirely of ice. The hotel at first was powered by diesel generators, until the ice hotel melted after the first it’s first summer. The ice hotel was actually voted the dumbest business idea of the year by Forbes magazine. Instead of giving up, Carl found a new way to cool the ice hotel. He found that by taking luke warm water from the spring and pumping it through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger heats up the refrigerant vaporizing it into gas. The pressured gas the spins the turbine, which spins the generator. His hotel now stays up all year. There are only three geothermal generators which power everything. There are vegetables grown all year and it powers and additional forty-four buildings. The geothermal generators are replacing five hundred barrels of oil every day. It is expected that by 2025 that ten to fifteen percent of all our energy will be geothermal.
Alex Wallaert


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    dangkid said,

    Geothermal would be an excellent alternative choice for energy, but it is definitely not a solution to global warming. Because of the processing of geothermal energy, a lot of heat is being released into the atmosphere. It is an alternative source for energy, it’s just not a better choice in my opinion.

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    jeffg187 said,

    Geothermal is a great energy source of energy with lots of potential however, it is not the answer to global warming. Geothermal energy can only be produced in places that are volcanically active, and there are not many places that are. However, the places that are near geothermal areas should tap into this great resource because it would get them of a foreign oil dependency.. We need to do more research and develop the technology to tap into this energy source.

    Jeff G

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    mitchgaulke said,

    A place that is uses geothermal to meet their energy demands is Iceland. This shows a country that is capitalizing on its natural resources in a green way.

    Mitch Gaulke

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