Christmas is a time for joy for many children and adults. The highlight of this holiday are the lights and the gifts, but even though it is a very joyous holiday, it is unsustainable as well. All across the country thousand pounds of waste are created from wrapping papers and each house is using thousands of extra kilowatts of electricity. By using fewer lights and switching to energy efficient lights, one can cut there energy bill 80%, but who wants to see less lights for Christmas. So I was wondering if there were any other alternatives to be sustainable during the holidays, but still keep it festive and cheerful.



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    Mitch Gaulke said,

    People can take little steps to becoming more sustainable during the holidays. First they can keep wrapping paper so they can reuse it for the later years. Then secondly people can put timers on there Christmas tree lights and also there house lights. No one needs to have their lights on during 3 am in the morning. If you time your lights just to stay on during a small chunk of the night we will not lose the Christmas spirit and we will be more sustainable.

    Mitch Gaulke

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    Matthew said,


    The problem with the entire sustainability movement is that people are reluctant to make sacrifices, no matter how small they may be. Christmas shouldn’t just be about flashy lights and presents. What makes the holiday season special is getting together with your family and enjoying life in the present tense. As a society people must put less emphasis and importance on physical attractions. The holiday spirit should come from within people, not from the things they have.

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