saving energy with wind power

wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as electricity, using wind turbines.The use of wind turbines can be a great way to provide a source of clean and renewable energy for your home or business. If we were to use more wind turbines we would be getting energy in a more  sustainable way. 




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    gullett23 said,

    The Steens Mountain in Eastern Oregon is located next to the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge, which is a hub for migrating birds during the fall and spring months of travel. The Steens are also home to lots of wind, rising almost 10,000ft. from the surrounding desert lands at about 4,000ft. In the past years the idea came up to place engery gernerating wind turbines on The Steens. There has been lots of controversy surrounding this issue over the birds migration path, and fear that it could be dangerous for the birds. Maybe they think the birds would be chopped up by the turbines.
    R. Gullett

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    shotahioki said,

    I have heard stories where people living in close proximity to the masses of wind turbines often have health problems such as depression. From the constant sound of the turbines at work, some people can become psychologically exhausted and develop symptoms of depression. I have found a website where doctors have conducted researches on this issue:

    – Shota

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    Mitch Gaulke said,

    If you drive through the gorge today you will see a completely different scenery then what you would remember when you were little. It is now filled with windmills. Some say windmills are ruining the natural scenery of these places and my counter argument to them is would you rather be looking at a coal mine?

    Mitch Gaulke

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    matt z said,

    Even in downtown portland you can see wind turbines on the top of some tall buildings. I wonder if these are actually effective in conserving energy or if they are just there to give the business a more “green” identity.

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