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    roxybarton said,

    So I just want to say that before I became a vegetarian, I absolutely loved meat. One of my best friend’s dad actually owns the Ringside Steakhouse – best steaks ever! But I didn’t even care about becoming “healthier” or being more “sustainable” when I quit eating meat. It was a bet between a friend and myself to see who could go longer without eating meat (I think we just wanted to lose some weight or something, we were 16 and self-concious). But after a week, I realized that not eating meat wasn’t so bad. Yeah a missed it, and sometimes, very very seldomly I still do. But try going without meat for a week. It was really hard at first, for me, but the fact that I resisted proved to myself that I had self control, that I had a strong will, more than anything else. And so now I eat fish and sea food but no chicken, beef or pork. Try it for a week, I’m challenging you! See what other creative meals you can cook up that are meat free, its a good experience even if you go right back to being a carnivore.

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    shotahioki said,

    I did try to eat less meat in high school, but it didn’t go too well primarily because I was so active physically. I had sports practice everyday and not eating meat jeopardized my activity. It might have been due to some psychological desire too, but I often felt weaker and tired. Meat definitely has the fulfillness of energy and power, which vegetables lack in volume. That means that I would have to eat more to consume the same amount of energy. I was so tired after practice that even eating made me tired. Therefore I had to stop and eat meat in every meal as usual. However these days I am not that active anymore, so I have been cutting down on my meat consumption. Yet I still go running often and play soccer, so I don’t think I can go a week without it. I will probably be more tired at school and my school work my take some toll too.

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    mzaharchuk said,

    If you are tired from not eating meat, it might just be because you are not getting all the nutrients that you were getting when you ate meat. However, all essential nutrients in meat can be found in other foods such as vegetables and beans, you just need to know what other foods can provide these nutrients and do some adjusting if you want to try decreasing or eliminating your consumption of meat.

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