twinkies for lunch?

Last year in my high school health class, my teacher had a bag with an unwrapped Twinkie in it pinned up to the bulletin board. He has had it there since 1998. There is no mold, no nothing on it. It just looks like a regular old Twinkie. I have never really cared for the taste of Twinkie’s, necessarily, but other Hostess products definitely made it in my lunch box as a child. It is scary to think that something that is so commonly bought at the grocery store can last for more than a decade! My question is, where does the Twinkie go once you eat it?? Hopefully people will start realizing the danger of this product before they indulge in another Hostess snack, or put one in their child’s lunch box šŸ™‚


Rachel Foxworthy


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    cody7010 said,

    I know it is so crazy to think about such a thing. You can say that McDonalds food is equivalent to that of a twinkie because it takes years for their food to even begin to decompose. Even if people become aware of his fact they will still indulge themselves with this garbage.

    ~Cody Males

  2. 2

    rfoxworthy said,

    I know, people are never going to stop buying it! It doesn’t make sense either, because there is so much great food in the world and we are fortunate enough to have access to pretty much all of it! People need to start taking advantage of their local bakeries and coffee shops if they want sweets, or even their own kitchens. Processed foods are quick, but definitely not the way to go. Besides making cookies only takes 30 minutes! Everyone has time for that šŸ™‚

    Rachel Foxworthy

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    Hamdia said,

    You know there can be ways to spread awareness to people to promote them into buying locally produced food that have been better grown. In one of our articles we had to read, it mentioned about Obama’s idea on taxing soda. Maybe this can be a start to help prevent people into buying foods that are not neccessarily worth eating.

    Hamdia Ahmed

  4. 4

    technine17 said,

    its scary to think that that we could sell such things. Like you said where does it go? if it doesn’t go bad in its packaging, how does that affect our own bodies? why should we contribute to buying foods that are so bad when we could be buying healthier alternatives.


  5. 5

    roxybarton said,

    Rach – last year in my Writing 121 class our theme was food and we read stuff from Omnivore’s Dilemma and had to do food presentations. The teacher had some book about what goes into a Twinkie. Like an entire published book (I forgot the name but I’m sure there aren’t many books on Twinkies out there). One girl in the class did her food presentation on Twinkies, and brought a box to hand out… I can’t believe after the presentation that half the people (mostly the guys haha) still ate the Twinkies anyway.

    My point is: if bacteria doesn’t want to eat your food, is it really food?

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