Tracking Grocerys


I noticed that PSU’s main page had an image of the produce department I work out. I decided to check it out and watched this video and thought Kroger came up with a very good idea. Certain items are going to be tagged with a 16-digit number that can be accessed via their website. The number is used to trace the product through the entire process of growth, harvest, distribution and stocking. It is also going to be featured on grocerys in every department, including junk food.  Tracking numbers are a good step for helping costumers become more aware of where their food is coming from.

R. Gullett



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  1. 1

    rfoxworthy said,

    I like this idea a lot. It is definitely a step towards eating healthier and becoming more aware of where it is your foods come from. But are people actually going to take the time to go online, enter the tracking number, and see what their food is made of and where it comes from?

    Rachel Foxworthy

  2. 2

    technine17 said,

    i too like this idea, and agree with Rachel it would be nice to know where all my foods are coming from. I think it is a very affective way of educating people about what their foods are actually made of.

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