I overheard someone in class the other day talking about a 4 year old cheeseburger, so I youtubed it to see what it’s all about. And no, this isn’t just the way McDonalds makes their food folks, fast food is just that. Do you really KNOW what you’re eating?
Now that I do, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have fast food again, let alone feed it to my kids. It’s just wrong! I had no idea how fake the fast food was until I watched this clip. They also talk about the top 3 things that make people fat, and I’m thinking about changing my lifestyle to cut out these three things as well. Interested?
See for yourselves!


And for all you soda lovers, here’s
part 2



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  1. 1

    gietz said,

    Here’s my thing..I agree with the fact that this processed stuff is bad for you. But, why is the spokes person for it still heavy? She is preaching a message that she isn’t even following.


  2. 2

    Matthew said,

    Not only does she not look like the greatest role model, she also does not look like a scientist. All she is fascinated with is the appearance of the food, not the actual chemical make-up of the food she is comparing. Interesting but not necessarily scientifically viable.

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