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    gietz said,

    I personally don’t think that the majority of the protesters were hired by the government…Al Gore could just be saying that to make it seem less of a big deal then it really is. I saw some interviews of the protesters on the news last night, and they seemed well educated on what they had to say. So, you never know I suppose.

    -Eric Gietzen

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    Matthew said,

    So if we assume that these protesters aren’t being hired, why are they protesting at all?

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      gietz said,

      There is no doubt that some have been hired. Because that is just what is going to happen. But people this day in age want their opinions to be heard, and what better way then making a scene in front of the news? They will be interviewed and get their face and ideas on to television.

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    Matthew said,

    What concerns me the most is not that people are voicing their opinion. I’m more worried from the fact that there are still people who do not believe in global warming and are too stubborn to listen. These people just pose another (unnecessary) obstacle in a movement towards sustainability.

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      gietz said,

      Well Matt, that definitely is a real concern. But, the number of people who don’t believe in global warming is miniscule compared to the people who do believe. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens really…

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    shermanj said,

    Hey guys, I know that at least some of the protesters out there last night were counter-counter protesters. So they were they to protest the protesters. Follow the link and check out the second photo, those are some of the counter-counter protesters that were out to poke fun of the global warming nay-sayers.


    – Jacob S.

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    gietz said,

    Hey thanks Jacob! You’re quite resourceful with all of those links 😉
    That’s pretty cool that people would go out and counter protest.

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