Warmer Means Windier

Effects of global warming can be seen closer to home than many of us expect.  The United States Lake Superior is seeing hikes in its temperature over the past decades.  The difference in temperature between the water and air at lake superior made the atmosphere more stable.  With cold water there was was calmer winds but as the water gets warmer the atmosphere becomes more violent.  Lake superior is one of the great lakes that hold 1/5 of the worlds fresh water.  Scientists have also noticed a fall in the amount of phytoplankton that are alive in the lake. If global warming can have such an impact on just our lakes in the United States then imagine the unseen consequences we are not aware of to the worlds oceans.  This article can be found at ScienceDaily.com

Esteban Pacheco


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    dangkid said,

    Just an fyi, global warming leads to both colder and warmer climates. This probably does not apply to Lake Superior, but stronger winds also increase the amount of iron traveling from deserts to the oceans, and phytoplankton population increases due to their attraction to iron. Though, this could lead to the making of a dead zone due to a rapid increase of phytoplankton. But a possible plan to treat global warming is a massive spread of iron into the oceans to promote phytoplankton growth.

    David D

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