Most enviornmental friendly cup

Ive worked at Jamba Juice for almost 2 years. We use paper cups at the location that I work at. Often costumers comment on this because we used to use Styrofoam cups. Most people see it as a positive thing but some complain because their hands get cold! I often just reply that it is because Styrofoam cups are not allowed in Multnomah county but then i started to wonder what the most environmental friendly cup really was. I did some research and found some negative things about both paper and Styrofoam cups. Paper cups are less expensive and are biodegradable but can cause almost twice as much CO2 emission as creating plastic or Styrofoam. Plastic cups cannot be recycled if they have a wax coating on them. Styrofoam cups can break into small pieces that are bad for children and animals. Styrofoam is created by chemicals that can be harmful to health and contribute to global warming. They are also not biodegradable and this can cause landfill pileup because it never deteriorates. I found that plastic cups are probably the most environmentally friendly because they are recyclable or can be ground up and used for other products. Plastic is a lighter material and therefor uses less transportation and fuel cost.

We now have reusable mugs for sale. In the article I read they state that reusable mugs are only more environmentally friendly depending on how much you use them. It requires electricity, water, and soap to rewash them as well as more materials to create them. I would encourage regulars to use these!


Grace Wylie


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    rfoxworthy said,

    I think that Jamba Juice’s around the country use paper cups now…at least the one’s in California. I’ve noticed a lot of coffee shops are now offering discounts if you ask for a reusable mug! I think it’s great, especially since at the coffee shop that I worked at back home charged extra for real dishes! It seems obvious to think that re-usable cups and plates would save more energy and be more eco-friendly, but is that really the case??

    Rachel Foxworthy

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