iPhone Is Acting Green!!

iPhone is acting green

I was so amazed by the number of applications that I have found in my iPhone about “go green” and “sustainability” in general.

Here are the ones that I have in my iPhone.

iRecycle application which is basically a tool to help you find recycling location near to you area. Places where you can recycle your water bottle, papers and magazines, toys, and even cell phones.

Another application is Go Green. It gives you new tips about being green each day like use your coffee mug each time you go get your coffee and lots of different tips.

GreenSpot is a third green application. It has many different articles from different sources. There is almost article about any thing that is related to our environment such as the energy, business, sustainable activities and more.     

There are many others like iGreen, Greenopia, Living green: the missing manual and others.

Go a head and check them.

Needa L


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