Necessary Calories?

When we had to do the food foot print project, I really started thinking about the consumption of unnecessary calories. Somebody made the comment other day, that in a week they had 109 servings of sugar. The thing is, those are pointless calories that you are consuming. If you look at the amount of calories you are consuming in those 109 servings of sugar, it could be roughly 15,000 calories, maybe even more. Now, what could you eat with 15,000 calories? One grape has about 3 calories in it…do the math, 5000 grapes! You could have 100 serving sizes of chicken, which is 400 ounces. So, people get all those excess sugar servings from drinking sweet drinks, like soda, and tea. Those drinks don’t fill you up and you’re consuming unnecessary calories. Think about it…

Eric Gietzen


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    konaka237 said,

    Yes, like we were talking in class today we should all be eating active calories instead of empty calories. All that processed foods starves the body of the nutrients it needs, therefore people try to make up for it in quantity. I personally would rather buy the nutrient rich foods to not starve my body so that I’m not craving more food all the time. Processed foods does something to your body on a chemical level where it starts to not function properly. I believe its the cause of obesity. When eating whole foods, good fats as well, your body is getting the proper tools to fuel and rebuild itself. Those calories are actually doing something for your body instead of just filling up your belly. It’s not how much calories you take in, it’s what type of calories you take in.

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