Avoiding Factory Farm Foods: An Eater’s Guide

Hey all, a friend of mine just sent me this link to a blog post on the Huffington Post and I thought I would pass it along.  Here’s an excerpt from the introduction, I thoroughly recommend you check it out:

“Most people share at least the following traits: they want to be healthy; they like animals; and they value clean air and water. Yet relatively few Americans connect those concerns with their food. As more people start making the link (especially if they’ve seen graphic video footage of industrial animal operations), many decide it’s time to stop eating foods from factory farms. This is a guide for doing just that.”

It goes on to read rather well and then finishes off with a number of principles, or pointers, for how one can go about avoiding factory farm food.  Again, here’s the link.  I would love to hear your thoughts.


– Jacob S.


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    konaka237 said,

    its nice to know that there are people doing a thorough research on concerns that we may have. Its a frustrating thing to go to a grocery store and try to decipher all those terms that sound good, but don’t actually know what they entail. I am grateful to this woman for doing the research that we don’t always have the capability to do ourselves. And I definitely agree with her about asking questions at your local market because I’ve come to realize that if you’re at the right store, workers go out of the way to answer your questions, or to try to find the information you’re looking for if they don’t know. Those workers are probably working there because they care about the food they are selling. Thanks for the great article! I’ll probably pick her book up sometime soon.

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    graceaw said,

    I found this article really interesting because I think a lot of people say that they want to eat healthy but don’t exactly know how or find it difficult to get information. She says that even though she is vegetarian she still has to avoid eating other foods produced on factory farms. She had some good tips about how to know where your food really comes from. I think a main part of why it is so difficult is because we rely on labels in grocery stores to find out a lot of information, but there is not much. I liked her tip that said “baby steps are OK” I think this is really important because if you try to change your entire lifestyle at once you are probably more likely to find it to difficult and give up. It would be interesting to read her book and find out more about how to avoid foods from factory farms.
    Grace Wylie

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