Small Serving Sizes?

I decided to google what a serving size really looks like because my guess and go didn’t seem exactly accurate. The article I read showed how small our serving sizes really are. Who knows maybe it’s not the serving sizes that are too small, maybe everyone everywhere is just getting too big. We weren’t always this obese. I’m sure everyone at this point has seen Super Size Me. And if you haven’t maybe it’s time to watch it and be informed. People are getting HUGE, and that is a fact. Maybe if we stuck to the real serving sizes we wouldn’t have so many health problems, not to mention there would be more food to go around to other people.

-Aspen B


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    ericanickerson said,

    I have heard many times that it is proportion control that will keep someone from gaining too much weight. I agree that today all of out serving sizes are WAY to big. It is ridiculous to think that one person eats an entire big mac, french fries, a soda, and possibly a desert to go with it!!! Especially when all four of those items are bigger than they need to be in the first place. I think that serving sizes need to be more broadly advertised because many people are unaware that they are overeating on a daily basis. I remember someone once told me that our stomachs are the size of one balled up fist. I was shocked to find this out because it was the first time that I realized how much I have been overeating over the years.

    -Erica Nickerson

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    graceaw said,

    I agree that many American’s are very confused about serving size. Almost always I see people consuming way more than what the suggested serving size on the nutrition label or food pyramid is. I think a big part of this issue is that restaurant portion sizes keep increasing and people are getting more food for less money. When people are constantly surrounded by such large portions they get used to it and think that they really need to consume that much food. I often hear that cutting portion sizes is a good way to lose weight and I agree. I looked up the difference in serving size and portion size because it is often confused. I found that the portion size is the size offered in a restaurant or in packaged foods and serving size is a standardized unit for measuring food. People often confuse this because when they eat a portion of food (like a muffin) they think that this is the serving size, when really there may be 2 or 3 servings in that one muffin.

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    Matthew said,

    To comment on your last statement, there is already enough food to go around. The issue with hunger is not the shear amount of food, but the ability to transport that food to the people in need of it. The problem with our society is that our markets respond in terms of demand, not need. The demand is where the money is, and that is why the U.S. has such high obesity rates. The problem is not even with how much we eat (i.e. serving sizes) – there is high enough food production to feed the world 1.5 times over. The solution lies within the distribution of food, creating the infrastructure necessary to get food to the people in need.

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