Global Warming a Scam?

The other day I was listening to my friend talk about how global warming being caused by humans is a scam.  It got me to think about how I have never heard an argument for this side of the story.  I have read many of the arguments about why global warming is being caused by humans, and I have watched Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  I do believe that global warming is an issue that we are currently facing, but I decided that researching the argument against global warming would not hurt.  I came across many silly arguments but one caught my attention that made sense to me.  It said that global warming is happening, but humans are not the cause.  The sun is orbiting around the earth and is goes through stages of getting brighter.  Right now the sun is entering its brighter faze, hence the fact that our planet is heating up.  Many years ago the planet begin to heat up in this exact same way and it will eventually cool down just as it did the last time.  However, I do not think this means that humans should not care about how we are treating the environment, because many of our actions are detrimental to the planet.  To listen to this argument go to this link.



-Erica Nickerson


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