Clothes made of Cigarette Butts!!

Sounds gross right?  I always see people throwing their butts on the ground, and thus I always listen to people complaining about the litter that those cigarettes are causing.  A clothing designer named Alexandra Guerrero decided to find a solution to cleaning up those cigarette butts instead of just complaining about them.  She taught herself a way to mix the butts into natural wool, and create a beautiful thread to make clothes out of.  I am really happy that she came up with a creative solution about cigarette  butts, maybe more people will be inspired by this story and create their own way of cleaning up the litter that cigarettes cause.  Or any other type of liter for that matter.  Here is the link to the article.



-Erica Nickerson


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  1. 1

    Matthew K. said,

    Interesting… But i wonder how energy efficient (and economical) this process is.

  2. 2

    Needa said,

    I agree with Matthew,this is really interesting.
    But I hope that this project dose not carry the massage in different way to the smokers. I mean I hope that they don’t think that it is still okay to continue smoking since their cigarette butts has been used to produce useful things. !!!

    Needa L

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