Eat Local Challenge: Day One


As a class, we are going to try and “eat local” for one week, chronicaling our collective endeavor here, on the blog.  We have drawn what is an approximately 250 mile circle around Portland, OR, and will be trying to eat, drink and consume products that are grown or produced solely within that circle.   Looking at a map and starting at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise, our boundary cities are Vancouver, B.C., Spokane, WA, Lewistown, ID (at almost 3 o’clock), Baker City, OR, Kalamath Falls, OR, Medford, OR (6 o’clock), before finally swinging out into the Pacific Ocean.

So, here as we set off on Day One, what have peoples’ experiences been like?   Thoughts?  Concerns?  Please comment below.

– Jacob S.

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    shermanj said,

    How has your first day of the eat local challenge been? Well, for me, mine hasn’t gone too well. After I canceled class because I wasn’t feeling well, I went and picked Quinn up early from school. I drove home in a heady haze and, while Quinn and I talked about a number of things, I started pondering dinner. DINNER… “Ugh, what to eat that’s local?” I wondered. I thought about it, yawned, trying to stay awake on the drive home. Then the pressure in my head swelled and I decided to pull into Pappa Murphy’s to pick up a take and bake pizza. So, how’s that for local? I’m not sure, but I will check their website out later and will hopefully get a pass.

    How was your day one of eating local?

  2. 2

    cody7010 said,

    I had to start a day later, which was the 10th. I planned on starting it right when we got the challenge but when i got home from school my mom had prepared a steak dinner w/ mashed potatoes, stuffing & vegetables. I know I don’t even have to check to know that what we ate was not within the 250 miles radius. Today I will have more self control. I plan to go and pick some items up from Limbo, one of the places Jacob recommended, so i hope they’re not too expensive.

    ~Cody Males

  3. 3

    AnneMarie said,

    It will take me a few days to clear out my fridge of things I have planned for my meals this week so I’m not partaking in the challenge. However, I have done a little research out of curiosity and found some helpful sites. Replying to this blog won’t allow me to add links so I’m creating one of my own up above. I hope I can help you guys!

  4. 4

    Matt Z said,

    I know I’m late but I will start tomorrow. Fortunately Hot Lips uses all local ingredients, so I will be eating there quite a bit. Also there’s a great place on SE 23rd and Division called Papa G’s deli (it used to be part of the daily grind) that has good food made from local ingredients.

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