Banning plastic bags and not paper bags?

We make them, we use them, and we dump them.   Plastic and paper bags usually end up in a land field even though some of us try to reuse the bags as many times as we can.   Both types of bags have their advantages and  disadvantage over each other, but both type of bags still take up land field space, take up resources that aren’t renewable, and people still just throw them on the streets.  Plastic/paper bags aren’t necessary,  specific countries , and cities ban the use of plastic bags, but not paper bags.   It seems kinda point less banning one and not the other.  You would think that the governments would ban both types of bags and start to enforce people to use reusable cloth-like bags.  Even though this ban on plastic bags and not paper bags makes some sense, but isn’t logical.

-Aaron Sundstrom


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    cody7010 said,

    Another huge issue with the production of plastic bags is that you can not throw them in with your other recyclables because it clogs the machines that they put them in. Workers spend about 20% of their day unclogging the machines because people just do not know. Plastic bags just don’t seem to be worth the trouble.

    ~Cody Males

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    ericanickerson said,

    I worked at Trader Joe’s for a little over a year, and I noticed that over time the number of people using reusable bags was slowly increasing. But still, more of the general public’s eyes need to be opened about what a big problem plastic bags can cause. Once the idea of reusing bags is more widely broadcasted it will cause people to really think and change their habits.  Once the message begins to spread people will start thinking of ways that they can reuse their bags. If a person does not want to buy a reusable bag, they can begin to use their plastic or paper bags as lunch bags, trash liners, or storage. Once we all start thinking about how to sustain a plastic bag, millions of new ideas can come out of it.

    -Erica Nickerson

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