Food Inc.

food_incI just finished watching the Film Food Inc. and it was truly one of the best films relating to what we have been discussing in class. I highly recommend that everybody goes and checks this video out. It is an hour and a half, but i wanted more when it was done. I found this movie very disturbing but in a good way. It not only showed us where our food comes from, but also what Americans can do to make the change that is needed. Basically, every time we go to the grocery store we are voting, so the more we buy the sugary foods, tv dinners, and soda the more companies will produce. Ultimately the change begins with us and our habits, the companies are just producing what the the consumers (us) wants. Every American needs to watch this video to see what our habits have done to the food system. Here is a link to some reviews that others have made about the video.

~Cody Males


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