Organ Donors=Green?

On my commute home the other day on the bus, I saw this car with a bumper sticker that said “recycle humans, donate organs” this got me thinking why doesn’t everyone become an organ donor? It can help save someone else’s life, it’s less chemicals and fuel need to preserve and/or cremate a body, it’s not like your going to be needing your kidneys in the afterlife! Here’s an article that shows some facts about being an organ donor.

– Melissa


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    AspenB said,

    I’m not sure who wrote this, but I completely agree with the concept. While alive we take up so much space on the planet, we need to stop being so greedy. The horrible truth of it all is, eventually down the family line, people will stop visiting your grave. Why should they have to? So many other countries celebrate the lives of loved ones rather than mourning their death.
    I know cremation is bad for the atmosphere (learned about that when we learned about the Holocaust) however, we can find other earth-friendly ways to dispose of the left overs after recycling the parts that can be (organ, tissue, etc) and then we don’t have to have a bunch of rotting bodies in well made caskets six feet under. I mean seriously people, you’re DEAD, what do you care about how pretty or comfortable the being you inhabited is when it’s all over?

    -Aspen B

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    ericanickerson said,

    I have never thought about the donation of organs in this way. Currently, I am not an organ donor, but I have been thinking about becoming one recently. Since this was brought to my attention it just gives me one more reason to become a donor. It is interesting and a little creepy to think about someday being about to “recycle” my own body. But if I can save someone’s life and be sustainable at the same time then why not?

    -Erica Nickerson

  3. 3

    Mitch Gaulke said,

    Yes you can say that it would be organic for everyone to donate their body but in our society today we look at life differently then that. It is a person’s choice to what he or she does with her body. They should not be forced into donating their body if they do not want to.

    Mitch Gaulke

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