Today I decided to go to McDonald for lunch. I ordered a McDouble as I usually do (because it is cheap). The burger looked unappetizing as always, but that wasn’t the only thought that went through my mind. Every bite I took I couldn’t stop thinking about what the burger was made out of, corn. It made it look even more unappetizing as always, and it even tasted worse. There is no way it was made with less love than usual because it couldn’t get any lower than it is. Maybe it is the fact that I’m actually aware of what I’m eating and that is why my burger tastes worse. From this experience I was wondering if anybody else has had the same thing happen to them, or just stopped eating fast food in general because of what we have learned in sustainability.



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    Adam McCoy said,

    I’ve attempted to cut down on my fast food, as well as my soda intake after watching the King Corn segment with the taxi driver.

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      shermanj said,

      @Kyle, I have changed how I eat after Ben and I spent time this summer prepping for the course, doing readings, and having many insightful discussions. I still eat meat, sometimes even some fast food, but I also try and remain aware of what it is I consume. Last night I was hungry when driving my son home from the doctor’s office and I wanted to hit a drive-thru, but then I realized how unhealthy and unsustainable fast-food is and I decided instead to wait until I came home to eat. I still find myself torn when shopping in the grocery store though, especially when I go to buy corn chips and the regular ones are two dollars, but the organic and non-gmo ones are four dollars and half the size.

      @Adam, What was it about those segments of the film that has you rethinking some elements of your own diet?

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    dangkid said,

    I’ve already cut out fast food and soda because of a diet I’ve been doing from the summer. While this class has made me more aware of what I’m eating, it hasn’t changed my eating habits, which were already changed. I see soda and fast food as an unnecessary and unhealthy calorie. Having lost about a 1/6th of my weight now, I feel a lot better about myself by not eating those things. Why contribute to the obesity problem when we can eat things much healthier for us.

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    graceaw said,

    After watching the king corn video I definitely started paying attention to what I ate more than I used to. I agree that it becomes unappetizing when you think about where a McDonald’s burger or taco bell meat comes from. I started to realize how the food I consume is effecting my body. I’ve never really liked soda, but I eat a lot less fast food now and try to buy healthier, organic options at the grocery store. The biggest challenge for me is that organic is much more expensive! But I think it’s worth it in the long run.

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    cody7010 said,

    I haven’t been able to eat fast food since the second week of school. I think it does have something to do with knowing what you are eating. I have always felt like it gave me a stomach ache but i didn’t think it was that bad for you so I continued to eat it. Since we started learning about where the product comes from it has changed my whole outlook on fast food, and I think it saved me from gaining some pounds in the future. It is not even a matter of having self-control when it comes to staying away from fast food it is more of a matter of finding a healthier alternative.

    ~Cody Males

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