American Apparel

I find it kind of ironic that American Apparel is made in downtown L.A. Well, because L.A. doesn’t have any source of water, so it has to rely on other states, and areas for it.  That, to me, doesn’t sound like it’s sustainable.  I watched a video on how L.A. dried up several lakes, because there were so many people coming there, and the lakes that dried up weren’t even close to it, They were using other county’s supply of water.  That’s why I think American Apparel should move up to Oregon, maybe… portland!  We are number one for being sustainable.  That way it’s being sustainable, and the cost to buy would be a lot less.  Since, they don’t have to ship it all over, which would make their clothing a little cheaper, and create more jobs here. I feel that there would be a lot more support here, and it would bring more people to Portland.  This will probably never happen.  Just an end note, I don’t like how its in an unsustainable town.


~Anthony Tran


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    kfatland said,

    Is Portland really that sustainable? How is a company going to be any more sustainable by moving to a different city? I agree with you on the ridiculousness of
    LA’s water sources though.

    Kirk Fatland

  2. 2

    mitchgaulke said,

    I’m wondering how the cost will go down if they came to Portland because the company would still be shipping its products the same distances as before. If it came to Portland they would then have to ship down to LA and so on. Yes the water situation in LA is out of control but I don’t believe by moving to Portland the company would become more sustainable.

    Mitch Gaulke

  3. 3

    dangkid said,

    I’m pretty sure that American Apparel is the number 1 employer for garments down in LA. Most of the employees that work for them are hispanics. So I wouldn’t be so sure about moving American Apparel up to Portland. That would just take away just as many jobs there as we would make here. Not a good thing for California’s already down economic state. And by the way, Portland is the number 1 city for sustainability out of the US, followed closely by San Fransisco. We’re pretty much the big pusher on sustainability in the US.

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