Did you get a lot of candy this year?

Halloween, one of the most fun holidays in my opinion. I love dressing up and going around and tick or treating getting candy. Who does not like free candy? This year started to make me think twice about the holiday since each piece of candy is individually warped. We must use a ton of resources to get  each piece of candy individually warped. Then the candy has to be shipped all over the country which consumes oil.  After you are done eating your candy you throw away the wrapper which in turn goes to landfills. If we put Halloween into a system it becomes obvious that is unsustainable, we use resources from allover the world to produce the candy. further more the candy has little nutritional value and is highly processed. It seems like a lot of waste for little gain.  I think it is important for us to take a look at the way we consume and ways we could change. perhaps one way to change in our pursuit of sustainability is stop giving candy on Halloween.  To do this we would could to change the focus of the holiday to a family event or something like that. I do not  know how we could change the holiday but maybe we should start reconsidering what the holiday means.  https://i1.wp.com/ecochildsplay.com/files/2008/05/candy-wrappers.jpg

This seems like a lot of waste for just a piece of candy. I personally love Halloween and I do not want to change it but we are going to have to make sacrifices somewhere if we want to become more sustainable.

-Jeff G


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    konaka237 said,

    It has been customary every year to produce a tremendous amount of waste through these commercialized holidays. Christmas especially, is really sickening. I like to reuse wrappers or if I have any, paper bags with paper ribbon. I have collected such a vast amount of wrapping products from other people through many years I never have to buy any! But I agree, this time of year from late fall to mid winter is the most wasteful, but no wonder with the pushing of products in our faces months before the actual holiday. As for Halloween candy, there was a time when treats given out were fruits and homemade items. But I think there were too many problems with liability and risk of poisoned items, and then the commercial industry, it somehow led to where it is at right now. As for the wrappers of candy, I see it everyday for any quick food products. Not just Halloween. Some food items are contained in a big bag where they are separated into two packages inside, and then you find out that they are individually wrapped on top of that! Package waste as a whole needs to be reduced considerably!

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    Needa said,

    I think what you have said is really true and make sense as well. So I was thinking of other ways for people to celebrate it more sustainable.
    As usual, I google it, and I found that there some useful idea to have a “Green Halloween”.
    One of the ideas was that instead of giving out candies, people can give out fruit! (Of course not heavy ones).
    Another idea was that people can either reuse their old costumes or make their costumes from recycled materials. Of course that include the decoration as well.
    And other good ideas that I found in this article.

    So, try to do these stuff next year , and tell me what do you think then:)

    Needa L

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    roxybarton said,

    Wow Jeff you still trick or treat? Props to you! I totally agree that all the packaging for this candy is ridiculous. Then again, it is American tradition to be as wasteful as possible on every single excuse for a holiday we can use, e.g. Valentine’s Day. Maybe someday candy wrappers will be biodegradable. There’s this Japanese candy I used to eat and it came in a rice paper wrapping, so you could either eat the wrapping or just throw it away, but since it was made from rice, it wouldn’t pollute.

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