Industrial Organic


A passage from An Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan:

  A few years ago, at a a conference on organic agriculture in California, a corporate organic grower suggested to a small farmer struggling struggling to survive in the competitive world of industrial organic agriculture that” you should really try to develop a niche to distinguish yourself in the market.” Holding his fury in check, the small farmer replied as levelly as he could manage:“I believe I developed that niche twenty years ago. It’s called ‘organic.’ And you, sir, are sitting on it.”(Pollan, 169)

I loved this. I think that Organic farms going industrial is causing almost as much harm to the environment as the industrial farms. Granted it is a little better, but for how long. Production is only going to grow. Its going to keep growing till it eventually turns back into just a industrial farm. For the time being I suppose its still a better solution, but I thought we were supposed to try and make things better, or as good as we have it now for the future generations. This obviously just another way that we’re being taken advantages of, so more money can be made. This seems like its becoming the true” American way.” This seems so obvious since Grimmway  and Earthbound Farms control the market. (Pollan, 138 ) How do they expect the little farms that aren’t industrialized to compete?

-Alex Wallaert


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