Industrial Organic Agriculture

pesticide_spray1a After the discussion we had in sustainability on industrial organic agriculture the other day really brought up an important issue we are a facing in this society. I personally feel that IOA contradicts itself. There is no way to have mass quantities of locally grown organics especially in our world today. People all want to buy cheap but healthy food, so of course industries are going to see this and take advantage of the situation, just like they do with America’s eating disorder, with cheap sugary treats and cheap fast food. They will slap an organic sticker on their product so people will believe they are buying one thing, but really purchasing the complete opposite; which will bring in more money. this is straight up trickery, no doubt about it. It is all about making the dollar in America. If you take a small local farm and start giving it a lot of business, of course they are going to want to expand and double their productivity. Why? For the same reason fast food industries have tripled in the past 25 years, they get greedy and want to make a profit. It has never been about the consumer when it comes to purchasing food in America, it has always been about how much and how fast they can produce so they can turn around and sell it on the market in mass quantities.¬†Nobody wants to pay four dollars for tomatoes when they can get the “same thing” for two. The four-dollar tomato probably took more work to grow since it didn’t have the help from pesticides, whereas the cheaper tomato was more than likely doused with chemicals. What if we all decided to change and started forking out the money for the real organic food, then they will ultimately have to find ways to produce more and more which eventually will turn into Industrialized Organic Agriculture. There are just too many of us to really have the ability to keep produce local, because we consume far more than we can possibly grow. How are places like new york supposed to keep their food organic when they have such a massive population with so hardly any farm land. In an essence we need Industrial Organic Agriculture, no matter how bad it may be. some places just don’t have the option for anything else.

~Cody Males


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