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I’m not sure how many of you classmates enjoy dancing, or the night life, or the electronic music scene, but I’m a big fan. I was super excited when I came across an ad in a magazine for a club in New York City called “Greenhouse”. I’m not 21 yet, so I can’t get in, but the club has incredibly cool features, such as couches made from recyclable material, toilets that flush efficiently and walls made from sustainable bamboo and covered in real leaves, moss, and green circles. I’m a business major, and I’m hoping to open a night club someday, maybe something like this (one of the reasons I’m taking sustainability). Check out the club’s website, tell me if you guys like it, what you don’t like about it, what you wish was different etc. Here is their website.




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    graceaw said,

    I checked out the website and I agree that this was a really good idea. Because many people are living a “green” lifestyle, it is important that there are more places like these for people to go. If more businesses start using environmental conscious building and design it will take us one step closer to a more sustainable world.

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    Matthew K. said,

    I admit, that is a pretty cool business plan. In connection with our brief discussion on whether this “green” movement is a fad or not, i really think this is a positive push towards making such a lifestyle mainstream.

    I saw in the news a few years back that a lab was designing a material to be used in replace of sidewalks that generated electricity from pedestrians walking over it. Im not sure of the science behind it and i cannot find the source (but it actually worked, believe me!) This utilized as a dance floor would be a huge, from not only an economic sense but also through a means to market your club.

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    Needa said,

    Roxy , this is really interesting!!!
    Why not? Enjoy our life with out hurting the nature.
    This idea raised up two good points into my minds.

    First, people will pay more attention to the nature and think really about sustainability while they are just having fun. So it is kind of hidden way to raise the awareness between the people.

    Secondly, that Greenhouse club shows that it is possible to be sustainable, so hopefully other business fields take advantage of this even. Then we may have restaurants, malls, hotels, that are similar to that Greenhouse club. Anyway ,thanks for sharing that:)

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      kgustke said,

      This is surprising and innovative at the same time. I would have never thought that there would be a sustainable night club. For a place such as night clubs, who usually drain energy to be sustainable seems ironic, but this shows how awareness for sustainable living is spreading through out the country. I checked out the website and the night club looks very appealing, but i couldn’t find any thing on how the club is sustainable. If there is a link could you post it?

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