It’s a Garbage Disposal NOT a Trash Can

After preparing a nice meal, whatever is in the sink people assume the garbage disposal will just take care of and flip the switch without a second thought. However after the ‘sink theory’ it got me thinking maybe we THINK about the world like that because we were brought up to live like that within our own environments. Specifically,at home and in our kitchens.

I came across an article that raised some very important issues about the way we take advantage of our garbage disposals. It’s smarter and more ‘green’ to bury the compost in our backyard rather than having it go through the septic tanks and sewage systems.

I know some people that throw EVERYTHING down the sink and treat it as their ‘clean all’. It’s not healthy for the sink because of the scum and bacteria that will grow later from it, and by the time it makes its way to the ocean, all the nutrients will be broken down and there will be nothing left but trash.

Read up and remember next time you have banana peels and chicken scraps waiting to be disposed of in your sink.

-Aspen Bernier


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