Go Green Everyone’s Doing it.

Going green and being sustainable seems to be the new thing these days what with hybrid cars, reusable bags, buying clothes to protect wildlife, buying local and what have you.  However my concern is, that being green the new thing because people care or because they want to fit in by jumping in on the new fad? I know back in high school many of the students around me were “being green” or at least they liked the idea of being green, they would wear the shirts with slogans on them, worrying about the environment and recycle like crazy! But I could tell that they were only doing it to fit in, because they would still drive their big gas guzzlers to school instead of taking the free bus (yes needless to say it is inconvenient at times to not drive say if you have sports after school or play practice) or even walking, which then you can save your money because you are not having to fill up your tank every other day and you aren’t polluting the air more than need be.  However I know there were students who actually cared about the environment and wanted to make a change to the school and try and make it more sustainable to run, even if it was just a little, like turning off hall lights when no students were around or having every other light off.

It just seems that the people who are trying to be green to be cool try and make big changes too fast and then when it fails they get discouraged and just give up. When in reality it’s the little changes that make the biggest difference, such as switches out old light bulbs to energy-saving ones, grouping trips when you go out so your not wasting gas, or even carpooling; I car pool with my father every morning to get into Portland, needless to say that means I’m getting up at 4:30 and i don’t start work till 8, but  I’d rather carpool and get up earlier than have two cars going to the same place and just sitting there when there isn’t a reason for it. This means I’m saving money and gas and less wear and tear on the car.

What I’m trying to say is, let’s not make changes just to feel cool. Let’s make changes because we actually believe in the cause and want to leave the world in a somewhat better condition than how we found it.

-Melissa L.


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