Picky Produce!

Im the night time produce man at the local grocery store and Ive noticed many tings about costumers and the habits of shoppers.  One thing that really bugs me is hypocrites; and this happens more often then you would think.  Like just the other night the same lady that was very concerned about what I do with all the bad product asked me to run up stairs and look for “fresher” romaine lettuce.  Its insane what people wont buy because it isnt perfect.  Lots of produce isnt perfect and it might have a defect on the skin, but thats all it is.  The fruit itself is perfectly fine but it isnt as charming as the rest.  People are so concerned with the waste of food but they wont buy perfectly good items.  This results in alot of bad produce because people are to picky.


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    cody7010 said,

    You make a very good point here. I work at a grocery store and whenever a plastic bag is open just a little bit, whether it be chips, fruit, or meat they throw the whole thing away. It just isn’t right that we have the choice to throw so much food away while other countries suffer from starvation. Fast food places seem to be the worst, any unused food all goes in the garbage. Think about all of the pre-made food that McDonald’s and Taco Bell will make, and if it has been out to long they will throw it away; and this happens all day long. Now that seems to be a lot of wasted corn. It really goes to show that we are the fattest country on earth

    ~Cody Males

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