cigarettes and the environment

I have always wondered if smoking just affected the people who chose to do it, and the few that are unlucky enough to be around at the time (second-hand-smoke). You see people smoking just about everywhere you go these days, it has clearly become a way of life for most, but what happens to the smoke when it dissipates in the air?  There are about 4000 chemicals in a cigarette, and every time one is smoked all of those toxins are put into the enviroment. What really angers me is the fact that the ones that choose to smoke don’t have the courtesy to throw away their cigarette butts when they are done, instead they feel that it is okay to dispose of them out their car windows, in lakes, rivers, all over the street. Is that one stick of stress relieving nicotine truly worth the pollutants that it causes our environment. This article gets more in depth on this issue and i encourage you to check it out, so you can get a little more insight.

~Cody Males


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    technine17 said,

    Cody, i fully agree i mean i don’t mind people that smoke cigarettes but like you said they could atleast have the common courtesy of throwing them away when they are finished. PSU obviously has alot of smokers… Have you checked out the park blocks, kinda disturbing how addicting cigarettes can be.


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    melissa9 said,

    I agee as well. While I am walking around campus i would say 3 out of every 5 people i see has a cigarette in their hand or are puffing away on it. It’s also very disrespectful that smokers feel that the ground is their own personal trash can (Have you seen the ground at crosswalks and in the park blocks as Cody said, it is just plain gross), espcially when there are places to dispose of them at many if not all entrances and building corners. Have we really become that lazy that we cannot walk a few extra steps to dispose of our trash?
    -Melissa L.

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    Needa said,

    Then why do smoker SMOKE?
    Even thought:
    1-It causes to destroy 600 trees to provide fuel to dry tobacco.
    2-it made of papers that of course come from trees (not the same tree they used to provide fuel)
    3-Manufacturing tobacco may release chemicals like Ammonia, Hydrochloric acid… etc) to the environment.
    4-It spread out with poisoned chemicals
    5-It is the second major caused of death
    And on and on and on ….people still smoking!!

    Who should we blame? Smoking factories, people unawareness, or both?

    Just before I read your post, last day or the day before it, I saw on the news that Oregon prohibited smoking on the public parks!
    I like the way Oregon limiting the smoking area, hoping people started to quitting it.

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    ericanickerson said,

    I agree, it is gross that people throw their cigaret butts on the ground where ever they please. This was an interesting article because I have also wondered what happens to the smoke once it is released into the air. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

    -Erica N

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    AspenB said,

    I completely agree with you Cody. It’s not just me jumping on the band wagon or anything either. Both my parents have smoked since their teenage years even when my mom was pregnant with each of my siblings.
    Of course there’s no ‘real’ evidence, but my brother is hard of hearing, my other brother has asthma, and one of the babies was a still born. If smoking only harmed those who chose to do it I’d say go for it. But it doesn’t. Not only does it harm the environment but the people as well. I had a really bad immune system for the past 18 years while dealing with two (later three when one of my brothers took up smoking) smokers. They smoked INDOORS none the less. Ever since I moved out my immune system has improved and I am much healthier.

    Please people, for the health of all the people you love and the only planet available to us- DON’T SMOKE!
    ~Aspen. B

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