Pocket Guide To Eating Sustainable

Here is a link to a great pocket guide for eating sustainable seafood.  It is a pocket size guide that you can print out and store in your wallet, so when ever you are a store or a restaurant buying seafood you can pull out your guide to help you make the best choice.  It breaks the seafood down into three categories: best choices, good alternatives, and what to avoid.  It is very easy to understand and makes it easier for you because you dont have to remember what is sustainable or not.

Mitch Gaulke


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  1. 1

    jhswain said,

    This is pretty cool. I went vegetarian recently but a friend of mine loves seafood so I passed the link along.

  2. 2

    Needa said,

    Honestly, I knew that fish get affect by the human impacts so they became unhealthy, but I never knew that there are environmentally friendly ways to catch fish. I tried to look at the website trying to answer my question” what is the different between friendly and unfriendly ways in catching fish? In other words, what are those friendly ways? But I did not find anything. (I may need to Google it!).
    Anyway, this is really interesting information to know.
    Thanks for sharing it; I may never know if I did not read this.


  3. 3

    aspenb said,

    This is actually a really helpful guide! I’m a Pescetarian, meaning the only meat I eat is from the sea, and I LOVE crab and tuna! I’m glad those are on the list of good choices, thanks for sharing these with us!
    ~Aspen B

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