The Dynamic Architecture in Dubai …


One of the most amazing sustainable buildings that ever built, I am talking about the dynamic architecture in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This building is the Middle East where I came from. 🙂  It is the first thing that came to my mind while I was watching the buildings in downtown portend, so I wanted to tell you more about it.

The “dynamic tower “is friendly- environment building. HOW?!

The Dynamic Architecture concept was introduced by Florentine architect David Fisher.

It employs a huge wind turbines, positioned horizontally between each floors in the building, witch will produce the energy to the building it self and for other buildings. The entire building turns through 360 degrees over the course of seven days to generate the energy. According to there will be 48 turbines, each of them can generate 1.200.000 kwh, compared to the 4.800.000 required kwh, so there will be an overspill of 52.800.000 kwh. So that makes the tower a power station in the city. Producing that much electronic energy without any using other sources but the movement of the turbines is a big step in renewing the sources area. Furthermore, this energy will have a positive impact on the environment and economy. You can learn more about it online, or you can check this link that even has a video of the tower. 

I am very proud to have a building like this!

Needa L 🙂


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    Eric Gietzen said,

    This kind of building is something people all over the world need to start looking at constructing. Maybe not exactly all the same energy saving devices, because wind isn’t everywhere. But, the idea of having a building with no carbon foot print is a brilliant idea. I believe they are called Leed buildings, they have systems built into them so they waste very little if anything at all. They are even positioned so the sun lights up the buildings and very little lighting is required. These buildings go along with my paper on “what is sustainability” A balance between the progress of mankind and stewardship of resources. Thank you for bringing this topic up on the blog!!

    -Eric Gietzen

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    Anne-Marie A. said,

    Those are extraordinary buildings! I can’t believe that they are 100% self powered! What’s not to like about them? They are beautiful to look at and they don’t use up resources. I agree with you Eric that they should have more of these around the world. By the way, is a lot of energy used in the factories they are built in? Even so, it’s better for factories to produce products that are safer for the environment than producing products that are not. Just one less blow aside from the factory itself! Thank you for sharing, I might not ever have known otherwise.

  3. 3

    Needa said,

    Anne ,In answering your question “By the way, is a lot of energy used in the factories they are built in?”
    Part of it you have already answered it, it is better for factories to produce products that are safer for the environment than those that are not.
    The other part that came to my mind, the balanced “which I think what sustainability means”.
    This building is actually part of my paper when I talk about the balanced that the human should have with their environment. In other words, even thought they use a lot of energy to built that kind of modern building, yet they have build a friendly tower that does not have carbon foot print and produce power for itself and other near building. !!

    I am really glad that you guys like it 🙂

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      Anne-Marie said,

      How cool would it be to design factories the same way as the buildings they are producing? Or having floating factories creating products as they are heading to their destinations?

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