Ireland Taxes Plastic Bags

One source of pollution I feel that, with just a little help from everyone, could be easily eliminated is the plastic shopping bag. Not only do plastic bags require petroleum and natural gas to produce, but the annual cost to produce these bags among retails comes out to nearly $4 billion in the U.S. alone. The bags pollute the landscape and most are not biodegradable, and many animals confuse these bags with food, consume them and get sick or die from them. By bringing your own reusable shopping bag to the store with you every time is so simple and easy. I keep mine in the car so I don’t have an excuse for ‘forgetting’ them. In Ireland, plastic bags cost 15 cents. Do you think the government should pass an act like this that will further encourage the use of reusable and more ‘sustainable’ shopping bags? Can we do the same for coffee cups? I know that if I bring my own mug into Starbucks, they will take 10 cents off my order for not using one of their cups. I think the tax on plastic bags would be a big incentive for many people, because let’s face it: a lot of people out there just don’t care about the environment. If you’d like to read more about the taxes on plastic bags in Ireland, click here. By the way, that article is from 2002, so Ireland is way ahead of us.


Poor turtle!



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    dangkid said,

    Ireland is doing a good thing with the taxing. It saves money to be used on other useful things and is good environmentally. I read the article and it says by the end of the third month since the taxing has started, plastic bag handouts have reduced significantly to 23 million from 300 million. With Ireland being a relatively small country compared to the US, it makes you wonder how much damage we’re doing with plastic bags. The US needs to catch up.

    David D

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