Un-Sustainable Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that has many claims on America, one without a doubt is Pollution.  In 1999 the city exceeded the state air-quality standards 118 days, these are the days when the famous “L.A. smog” is glooming around the basin.  Most of the smog is caused by the 10,736,372 registered cars, that admit 5,826 tons of Carbon Monoxide a day, not to mention 1,208 tons of Nitrogen Dioxide per day as of 2000.  The metropolitan area is made up of around 13,000,000 people.  The resources to keep this area running are taken from much of the lower southwestern states.  Water , Energy and Gas are the main resources being funneled to Southern California.  There are 13 power plants that feed L.A. with 6 of them found outside of California.  Power that is drawn from Utah, Arizona, Nevada and even the Columbia River Power System in Oregon.  The area of 13,000,000 people also produces 13,000,000 tons of waste a year, with 12,509,294 tons buried in landfills in 2002.  The 450 square miles that holds the Los Angeles metropolitan area comprises the same size of ecological footprint as the 521,000 square mile country of Peru.  If we are going to evolve to a more sustainable world, focus must be placed on large metropolitans such as Los Angeles.

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