Good vs Green

Bear with me folks, I have a lot of links to share. I came across an article that appeared pretty interesting. It’s about eating green products, and how it affects our personalities. When we ‘do good’ in one area, we lack the restraint in another thinking according to this research study. Of course I’m not going to sit here and blame all our bad habits on the cars we drive or the food we eat. However, I think at times ‘green people’ can act a bit high and mighty, thinking they’ve saved the planet over one little hybrid. (As seen in this clip. It’s a bit obnoxious but it gets my point across. Third video down.)

So you recycled your term paper. How is that helping if a second later because you’re just too darn lazy, you throw away a binder full of paper you don’t feel like holding on to until the next term begins? I think we need to be aware that we are part of the problem, and are taking baby steps towards a solution, but are no where near close enough to be winning any awards (example, McDonough) or getting credit for saving one little tree. Yes, all these things are imperative to our over all goal; but we still have a long ways to go.

You wouldn’t see a triathlon athlete stop to celebrate after the first event would you? All I’m saying is we have a long ways to go, so we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves thinking we’re done and all is right with the world again. After all, it took a LONG time for it to get this bad, it’ll take even longer to fix it.

~Aspen B.


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    shermanj said,

    You mentioned that it has taken a long time for things to get this bad, but when you say “a LONG time” what do you mean? How many years? And if it is a long time, it is a long time compared to what? Your lifetime? My lifetime? Ben’s lifetime? Or are we talking about “a long time” compared to a Redwood’s lifetime, or are we comparing it to geological cycles?

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