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Recently when I was in Chicago visiting family, I found myself at the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s a wonderful place and I highly suggest giving it a visit if you’re in town, but one exhibit especially caught my eye. It’s called “Smart Home” and it’s credited as the most sustainable house that still holds up to American living standards. It’s fully equiped with a green roof, grey panels, a grey water plumbing system, a “smart” water heater, wind turbine, weather resistent panelling made from recycled materials, and much more little details to help make it sustainable. When I inquired about the cost, it wasn’t that much more expensive than a normal home, granted you exclude some of the fancy gadgets, i.e. a portable solar charger for your phone. I guess I just found it interesting that it’s not terribly expensive to take a small step towards a more sustainable world, and in the long run, you end up actually saving money, but more people choose not to change. I guess the question I have is why?

If you would like to read further on the Smart Home check here:


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    I think a lot of people won’t change because of what’s regular or normal, and also because they simply think getting a house like that would be expensive. The society norm isn’t having a really eco-friendly house, and thus people assume it’s expensive or difficult to make happen.
    That’s just my humble idea, though.

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    ironthighs said,

    (Written by Adam McCoy)

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    Matthew said,

    Personally i think people aren’t taking these baby-steps to a more sustainable way of living purely out of ignorance. While not necessarily being the consumers fault, these advancements in technology are not being promoted to the general public as strongly as they should be. I believe that if companies would begin to market these products to correct demographics and focus heavily on the monetary advantages, then these smart homes may begin to gain more momentum.

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