Recycling Flip Flops

Lately, I have been thinking more about what kinds of everyday items are recyclable and how they can be recycled. I think that when a lot of people think of recycling they think of the basics;  paper, plastic, glass, etc. But there are a lot more common everyday objects that are recyclable. I read an interesting article about recycling flip flops. Most flip flops are made out of polyurethane, which can’t usually just be thrown in the recycling bin. There are alternative ways discarded flip flops can be used, instead of just letting them hang around the enviornment. In this article there are some examples of how you can use a discarded flip flop. Flip flops can be used as packing material, a door stop, or even made into a rug. Flip flops are just one example of how to be creative and recycle things you might not normally think to recycle!

Grace W


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    dangkid said,

    That’s an actual useful thing to do. I wouldn’t mind making things out of my old flip flops. It’s a creative and unique way to prevent flip flops from going out in the trash once they get old and gross. I know that my old flip flops end up under my bed and so a project involved with making a door stop out of flip flops sounds like a productive way to kill time. Plus it’s sustainable!

    David Dang

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      kfatland said,

      Thats pretty sweet. I guess is all you really need is a little creativity and just about anything can be recycled. Is all you have to do is convince people its worth their time and effort to reuse instead of buying everything new.

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    kgustke said,

    Even though I think it is a great idea to recycle not just flip-flops but, every day items we throw away, I don’t think people who can afford rugs or any other house hold item of some sort aren’t going to do so. Why would some one who can afford a brand new rug make one out of flips-flops. They’re probably worried more about what kind of rug would match the house than thinking about making a rug out of recycled items. Like responses we heard in class about the Jensen reading, people aren’t ready to make the drastic change because most people aren’t even ready to have their rug or any household item made from flip-flops. I think the solution to stop the waste of flip-flops is to stop wearing them.

  3. 4

    Mitch Gaulke said,

    Recycling old shoes and flips flops is a great idea and is being used today. The turf rubber on PSU’s turf field is actually made out of recycled shoes. Since Nike is such a big sponsor of PSU athletics they were the ones who donated the turf field with their recycled shoes.

    Mitch Gaulke

  4. 5

    nmlingga said,

    Even thought it sounds an interesting idea, I think what “kgustke” has said is also true. I mean, I do use my old flip-flop to hold the door of my room, but I am not really interested in buy a rug that is made of flip-flops, it sounds strange.
    However that is not what I want to comment on! Just before I read you post I found this interesting website,
    It is a company the make nice jocularly out of …..! Well I let you guess
    I think those people are so creative!!

    Needa L

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