Is Plastic Really a Problem?

There is a total of 2 million plastic bottles used in the United States every five minutes, and an estimated 13 billion bottles are  disposed of each year. Plastic contributes a great deal to whether or not our civilization is sustainable because it is produced in high quantities and it will never decompose, just like Caryl Buchwald stated in What Else Should my Neighbor Know. Everybody uses plastic, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is disposed of properly. Currently less than 5% of plastic is recycled globally ….5%!!!  I have been noticing that whenever i go to turn in my bottles, no matter where I am at they all have a set limit to how many bottles someone can cash in; i thought that we were supposed to be encouraging recycling, not trying to save a dollar. This web page has some interesting facts about plastic bottles and how unethical it really is.

~Cody Males


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    gullett23 said,

    When I have more bottles than the limit I just go to a diffrent cashier and get the rest of the money. I know out at the deposit machines people will come in with way to many bottles and it clogs up machines and dosent allow other people with just a couple dollars worth to use the machines. So the idea is to encorage people to cash in more often to prevent longer lines, because people have no patients for the nasty deposit places. The homeless people around downtown souly depend on the deposits from cans and will post up their for days. Alot of people hate this fact so its to get people in and out.

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